• This is open debate tournament. Everyone representing any teams is allowed to participate in this tournament. However, teams representing certain institution will be preferred, e.g. Universitas Negri Makassar, SMAN 17 Makassar, etc.
  • Each institution may send maximally five (5) teams, but it will be subjected to change when the tournament caps is not reached. Organizing committee employ N1 Adjudicator policy, so each team may send (1) adjudicator. Even though it is not obligatory, registering N1 adjudicator will surely help to increase the judging quality of this tournament.
  • Each team in HBP 2013 may consists of three members (two Debaters and may include  one N1 Adjudicator). All members of a team must not be enrolled in the same institution, It means HBP 2013 committee would permit Composite Teams (more than one institution within one team) to compete and eligible to break but only limited to Main Division
  • Both debater and adjudicator are eligible to participate in This 3rd Hasanuddin BP, only if they are enrolled as full time students in a university (Bachelor Degree and Graduate Degree) or High School. For university or high school graduate student, we still allow them to participate and break to elimination round
  • Each team can represent on behalf of their university, high school, faculty, department and any legitimate institution/organization
  •  Every participant should formally fashion outfitted with no t-shirt or slipper.
  • The best  8 (eight) novice teams on the tab that fail to proceed to the main octofinals will go into the ‘Novice Semifinal’. The 4 (four) winning teams from that round will battle it out in the ‘Novice Grandfinals’, which will take place simultaneously with the “Main Semifinal” Here are the requirements for teams to be considered as ‘Novice’.
    1.All members of the team should be first or second year students
    2.All members of the team have never broken into the knockouts of any major and prominent national tournament ( IVED , JOVED , NUEDC , ALSA UI )

            HighSchool :
1. All members of the team still register as Senior High School Student
2. All members of the team should never break into Grand final round of NSDC or Attend WSDC


  1. HBP 2013 employ British Parliamentary system
  2. HBP 2013 will be conducted in two phases: The Preliminary Phase and The Elimination Phase

Preliminary Phase

  1. In the preliminary phase of HBP 2013, there will be 6 (six) rounds of debates.  This phase will adopt “break and slide pairing”.
  1. All teams will start on an equal placing with the pairing for the first round being done randomly by lottery.  For the subsequent rounds, the teams will be graded on the basis of the results of all the preceding rounds of the phase.  The following grading criteria will be considered in decreasing order of priority.
    1. Victory Points/VP (Rank 1st gain 3 VPs, Rank 2nd gain 2 VPs, Rank 3rd gain 1 VPs and Rank 4th gain 0 VP).
    2. Cumulative Total Team Score.
    3. Computer Randomization.

Elimination Phase

  1.  The top of sixteen (16) teams from Main Division and top of four (4) teams from Novice Division (minimum 16 teams pass qualification as Novice) at the end of four rounds of the preliminary phase will qualify for the elimination phase of HBP 2013
  2. Three elimination rounds namely Quarter Final, Semi Final and Grand Final for Main Division, and the Grand Final for Novice Division, will decide the winner of HBP 2013. Tournament power matching will be employed in this phase of HBP 2013 The top two of each room proceeds to the next round.
  3. There would be no additional time for case building for those who are late.
  4. All rounds will employ Impromptu motion, so motion will be release 15 minutes before case building starts.
  5. There would be no replacement of debater in case one member of a team can not join the match. The uncompleted team may only compete in preliminary round and automatically not eligible to join the elimination round.

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